What is Lucky Jersey?

Lucky Jersey is an online progressive raffle benefitting the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation.

Who is eligible to play?

Tickets are available to purchasers 18 years of age or older, located in Alberta at the time of purchase.

How does it work?

With each order, purchasers select an envelope they believe contains the number 97 jersey. At the beginning of the raffle, there are 30 current and alumni jerseys available for picking, hidden in envelopes numbered 1-30.

The jackpot (50% of total sales) is split into two portions.

- 20% of sales to the daily winner

- 30% of sales to the progressive jackpot – to the daily winner if the envelope they picked at checkout contains the number 97 jersey.

Tickets are only valid for each daily draw and are removed from the draw before the next day commences.

Each day, one winner is drawn. If the jersey they selected is determined to be number 97, they win the daily prize AND the progressive Lucky Jersey jackpot. If the jersey they selected is NOT number 97, that envelope is removed from the selection next day, and 30% of daily sales go to the progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot will grow each day as the jerseys decrease.

When do the draws happen?

The draws will happen every day at 1:59 PM MT until number 97 is picked, and sales will re-open for the next day at 2:00 PM MT.